Offenhauser 6088 Chevrolet Spin On By Pass Outlet



Chevy 72 up Sm.-Lg. spin on By-Pass

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Offenhauser Intakes, Manifolds, Valve Covers, Heads, and More!

White Owl Speed is the newest distributor for Offenhauser. We have exclusive merchandise and parts that have not been available for 60 years! We are constantly listing new parts and making new inventory available so make sure you check back often! Offenhauser was established in 1946 by Fred C. Offenhauser and Fran Hernandez. All of Offenhauser's parts are cast and machined in California. All Offenhauser parts are forged using a hand-carved wooden pattern at Bell foundry in South Gate, California and machined at the Offenhauser Shop In Downtown Los Angeles. Offenhauser is one of the oldest premium automotive parts manufacturers in the world operating for over 70+ years continuously.


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