Vintage Speed CA-4 Carb Adapter-2X2 TO 2BL-Y- 3 BOL


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Our New 2×2 to 2bl – Y Intake Adapt.   This is our new Vintage Speed Y adapter that allows you to put dual holley 94’s or stromberg 97’s on a stock intake with a 3 bolt base. These were the rage of the 50’s as every cool dude wanted to impress the gas pump jockeys. Made by almquist-eelco-speed gems- honest charley-weiand and others in the 50’s. Our reproduction part is patterned after an Almquist.Get the early nolstalia look without changing your intake or spending a fortune. You can use these on any of the flathead ford intakes or use two of them on a 2×2 super intake for a wild high 4×2 inline look. NOTE–All 3 bolt bases are alike, so if your intake has a 3 bolt flange this will fit. This works great with straight or our progressive linkage. Precision machined cast alum. with our Vintage Speed logo.


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